The bus station

The bus station in the small arctic town was always bustling with activity, as travelers came and went on their way to different destinations. But on this particular day, the bus station was eerily quiet.

The group of travelers who had been waiting for the bus for hours were starting to grow anxious. They had checked the schedule and confirmed that the bus was supposed to arrive at the station at noon, but as the hours ticked by, there was no sign of it.

Suddenly, the sky above the bus station was filled with a dazzling display of colors. The northern lights had appeared, painting the sky with streaks of green, blue, and purple. The travelers were mesmerized by the beauty of the natural phenomenon, and they forgot all about their worries as they watched the lights dance above them.

But as the northern lights grew brighter, the travelers began to feel a strange sense of unease. The colors were so intense that they seemed almost unnatural, and the air around them felt charged with electricity.

Suddenly, the lights began to swirl and twist, forming a massive vortex in the sky. The travelers felt a pull towards the vortex, as if it was trying to draw them in.

Panicked, the travelers tried to run, but they were rooted to the spot. They could only watch in terror as the vortex grew larger and more powerful, threatening to swallow them whole.

Just when it seemed like all was lost, the vortex disappeared as quickly as it had appeared, leaving the travelers shaken but unharmed. The northern lights faded away, and the bus station was once again bathed in the soft glow of the arctic night.

The travelers never forgot the mysterious northern lights, and they always wondered if they had truly been a natural phenomenon, or if something more sinister was at play.

[A story written using ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion.]

A Swedish translation:

Bussstationen i den lilla arktiska staden var alltid full av liv, där resenärer kom och gick på väg till olika destinationer. Men den här dagen var bussstationen obehagligt tyst.

Gruppen resenärer som hade väntat på bussen i timmar började bli oroliga. De hade kontrollerat schemat och bekräftat att bussen skulle anlända till stationen klockan tolv, men ju mer tiden gick desto mindre syntes det av bussen.

Plötsligt fylldes himlen över bussstationen med en förtrollande färgdisplay. Norrskenet hade dykt upp, och målade himlen med gröna, blå och lila streck. Resenärerna var fascinerade av den naturliga fenomenens skönhet, och de glömde alla sina bekymmer när de såg norrskenet dansa ovanför dem.

Men ju mer norrskenet blev intensivare, desto mer obehaglig kände resenärerna. Färgerna var så intensiva att de verkade nästan onaturliga, och luften runt omkring dem kändes uppladdad med elektricitet.

Plötsligt började norrskenet snurra och vrida sig, och bildade en enorm virvel i himlen. Resenärerna kände en dragning mot virveln, som om den försökte dra in dem.

I panik försökte resenärerna springa, men de var förankrade på platsen. De kunde bara se med skräck när virveln blev större och kraftfullare, och hotade att svälja dem helt.

Precis när allt verkade förlorat försvann virveln lika snabbt som den hade dykt upp, och lämnade resenärerna skakade men oskadda. Norrskenet bleknade bort, och bussstationen badades igen i den mjuka glöden från den arktiska natten.

Resenärerna glömde aldrig norrskenets mystiska utseende, och de undrade alltid om det verkligen hade varit en naturlig fenomen, eller om något mer ondskefullt fanns i spel.

Procedural wood texture

This is a small program that creates wood textures using perlin noise. The program is written in Haxe using Haxeflixel. The algorithm for creating wood textures is loosely based on the AS3 WoodTexture class at The images are encoded to png using PNGEncoder2 library.

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Prototype SimlabCity

This is a prototype of a simulation model for city planning based on a route choice random walk framework inspired by the model by Okada, Eriko and Asami, Yasushi (2007) “A Pedestrian Route Choice Model to Evaluate Alternative Plans for Regeneration of Galata Region” ARI, The Bulletin of the Istanbul Technical University, 55(1), 11-32.

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